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Who are we?

LINQ for Life Incorporated, a subdivision of LINQ Corporation, was founded in 2014 to increase health literacy around HIV, STI and Substance Misuse and abuse, meanwhile serving as a catalyst to coordinate linkage to care services, provide innovative intervention and prevention programming while building micro-enterprises to support our efforts. At LINQ for Life Over the years we have enhances our services to address mo


We offer peer to peer capacity building, mentoring programs and increasing HIV/STI awareness, screenings, testing, and condom distribution opportunities across the state through our impending harm reduction programming. As we expand, it is our goal to establish dynamic collaborations with national organizations, local agencies, as well as, public health entities.


It is our mission to decrease HIV/AIDS and STI while addressing other vital health disparities such as Hepatitis C and smoking in marginalized communities. Ultimately our vision is to,” create and sustain links to a greater quality of life.”


Our programs provide Health Education, Training, Counseling, Testing, linkage to care, and outreach services including developing and expanding culturally appropriate campaigns and messaging. It is our goal to increase access to culturally competent information and services while increasing the number of individuals aware of their status and engaged in care. Through this, we will decrease the time to viral suppression for HIV positive patients within our communities while further raising sexual health awareness to those whom we serve.


Our Philosophy

  • We believe in a holistic approach to health education, prevention, and support.

  • We recognize HIV and SUD as manageable, chronic disease.

  • We acknowledge the presence and impact of racism, sexism, heterosexism, homophobia, classism, and other forms of discrimination on our lives as people.


LinQ for Life believes that ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030 is possible, but only by closing any gaps between people who have access to prevention, treatment, and support services that allow individuals to remain in a care continuum. Closing this important social justice gap means empowering and enabling Americans to access the preventive and wellness services they need.



"Decrease Health disparities, while addressing other determinants to wellness in marginalized communities."


"Create and sustain links to a greater quality of life.”


It is our aim to offer peer-to-peer capacity building, mentoring programs & increasing testing & human capital distribution opportunities. As we expand it is our goal to establish dynamic collaborations with other disciplinary areas agencies as well as public health entities. 


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